The Boatshed is the largest training centre in Victoria for sailing. We have a range of courses available including Tackers, Green Fleet and Adult and Teenage courses.

Green FleetTackers 1, 2 & 3Tacker-7-12

are the main accredited introductory kids
sailing courses recognised by Yachting Australia. Tackers is aimed at children aged between  7 and 12. Tackers is a great way to increase childrens life skills such as communication, self reliance, team work, problem solving and self confidence.

Green-FleetGreen fleet is aGibbo club based junior sailing activity for children who have completed the Tackers Program (all 3 levels) or a similar learn to sail program.



IMG_1360The Teenage & Adult Learn to TeensSail programs are intended to provide an introduction to sailing for beginners or to people who want to increase their sailing ability. AdultsAt the end of the course we expect you to be able to jump on any boat, big or small and be a valuable sailing member.




SchoolSailingLogoThere are a number of different programs available to schools from learning to sail to school teams sailing. All sessions tap into those fundamental skills that students need to develop as they grow up. Skills such as water safety, independence, self reliance, decision making, confidence and most importantly, having fun.


FlindersThe successeNROL nOW mOBILE bOATSHED of introductory sailing at The
Boatshed at Albert Park Lake has lead to Yachting Victoria taking its programs state wide to clubs and schools with the launch of the Mobile Boatshed. The Mobile Boatshed is available for hire and can visit any location around Victoria.

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  1. Julien Palmer says:

    Great new site!


  2. Bruce jacksona says:

    Would you kindly let me know when bookings for “tackers” will be open for Phillip Island (Cowes) for Jan 2017.


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