Accredited Secondary School Sailing Programs

Secondary Schools Accredited Courses.

Start Sailing 1 and 2 

This course will bring you from a complete novice to a knowledgeable sailor. For Adults/Teenagers . An accredited 20 hours Small Boat Sailing Basic Skills 2 program. At the end of the course we expect you to be able to jump on any boat, big and small and be a valuable sailing member.

Better Sailing

This course is for those people who have completed Start sailing 2. This course will add to the skills learnt in Start Sailing 2, increasing your boat handling skills and giving you the skills needed to get into a start racing course.

Start racing

The aim of this course is to introduce Dinghy sailors to competitive sailing. The Course focuses on refining enhanced boat handling skills including speed control and manoeuvres. Introducing basic racing tactics and strategies.

Teams Racing Coaching

The aim of this course is to introduce sailors to competitive team sailing. The course focuses on learning the rules, strategies and tactics of  team racing.


To book any of the above courses call The Boatshed on 9686 2571 or email