Introductory Primary School Sailing Sessions

We are able to run a variety of different sessions to fit in with what you want to achieve. We are very flexible with time, number of participants and length of sessions.

For younger years we recommend a fun 2 hour session with lots of sailing related games and plenty of time on the water. For the older years we recommend a 3-4 hour session that includes more theory but still incorporates many games and sailing.

All sessions tap into those fundamental skills that students need to develop as they grow up. Skills such as water safety, independence, self reliance, decision making and confidence.


Instruction is by qualified Instructors with many years of dinghy sailing and teaching experience.

The School is equipped with 30 Opti’s Dinghies , inflatable coaching and safety craft with motor, personal floatation devices (PFD’s), safety equipment and training equipment.

Course Syllabus

Courses can be structured to your requirements including:

  • Basic Rigging
  • Parts of a boat
  • Steering
  • Capsize
  • Sail Trim
  • Basic sailing techniques
  • Rules of the water
  • Water Safety
  • State Law

Price Guide

Number of Participants 2 hour session Price per student per hour 3 hour session Price per student per hour
1 to 10 $280 $11.65 per student per hour $330 $9.20 per student per hour
11 to 20 $520 $10.80 per student per hour $650 $9.00 per student per hour
21 to 30 $660 $10.30 per student per hour $790 $8.25 per student per hour
31 to 40 $980 $9.70 per student per hour $1,100 $7.60 per student per hour