Accredited Primary School Sailing Programs


The objective of the Tackers program is to attract a significantly increased number of primary school age children to sailing, especially those who would not otherwise participate. They participate in an initial ‘Fun’ sailing experience before progressing on to a pathway; a full learn to sail program over the 3 main levels, then non-competitive participation, and long- term club membership.

Tackers Values

Kids centric, Non-competitive, games based and social, delivery by professional Yachting Australia qualified instructors, branded modern presentation, value for money relative to similar programs in other sports. Fundamental skill foundation and enthusiasm for long term participation are fostered within Tackers through the progressive levels of the program.

Tackers costs $315 per student for a full 18-20 hour program. Some theory may be covered in school as part of their outdoor education class, so to allow as much time on the water as possible.

Whats included

Each student will receive temporary membership to Yachting Australia to cover them by insurance, along with this every student also gets a Tackers pack (T-shirt, water bottle, hat and a certificate upon completion) and all safety equipment is provided.

The Benefit of Tackers

Tackers has been set up specifically to get children between the ages of 7-12 to get into sailing. It’s all about having fun while you’re out on the water. The research shows that children between the ages of 7-12 would rather participate in a sport if there isn’t a competitive element. So throughout Tackers 1, 2 and 3 there is no racing in order to develop these children’s love of the sport. The Tackers syllabus is broken down into on and off water sessions. This is to keep the children always engaged and interested. Along with accustomed session plans for this age group the children receive a certificate of achievement. The great benefit from a schools prospective is that it starts them on a pathway to a new sport. They can continue over the school holidays anywhere around Australia.

Start sailing 1

Start sailing 1 is a Yachting Australia accredited program aimed at all age levels. Unlike Tackers it is not as children centric but we still aim for the children to have fun on and off the water. The start sailing 1 course is 8-10 hours long, which can be split up into as many sessions as you see fit. 2-3 hour sessions are ideal but we can alter depending on your needs.

What it covers

Group and Individual safety awareness, clothing, safety equipment, sailing

Wind awareness, Awareness of parts of the rigging on the training boat

Figure of eight, Round turn and two half hitches

Primary boat controls, reaching, helming under supervision

Capsize and recovery drill

Leaving and returning to the dock

Basic rules


Whats included

Each student will receive temporary membership to Yachting Australia to cover them by insurance and a certificate at the end of it.


Pricing varies for each group size.

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