Accredited Primary School Sailing Programs Mobile Boatshed

Yachting VictoriaaEUR(TM)s Sailing School was originally established in 1975, with the aim of providing the most economical means possible for anyone who might like to have a go at sailing.

Through the unique mobility of the School, it is able to service groups at any of a number of suitable venues all over Victoria. It has introduced 50,000 plus people to sailing via schools, tertiary institutions, yacht clubs, community groups and individual courses and camps.

The Mobile Boatshed is available for hire by Schools, Tertiary Institutions, Yacht Clubs, Community Groups, Camps and Courses for Individuals.


Instruction is by qualified Instructors with many years of dinghy sailing and teaching experience.

The School is equipped with 15 Opti’s Dinghies , inflatable coaching and safety craft with motor, personal floatation devices (PFD’s), safety equipment, training equipment.

Courses Available
  • Tackers ,Start Sailing, Better Sailing and other Discover Sailing Courses
  • General Boating Safety Education

The Group Booking Scheme

The Group Booking Scheme allows the Sailing School to be hired by any group, wanting to experience sailing.

Early in the course students will learn water safety, and will be confidently sailing small boats in a relaxed informal atmosphere whilst under careful supervision in a group sailing situation.

Scope of Activities: Tailored for beginners or advanced, ranging from half-day to day long introduction to sailing, following Yachting Australia guidelines.

Courses Group Size-
Sailing School: Min 15, max at any one session 30
Cost: Min. $1,800 per day or call The Boatshed for a quote 03 9686 2571
Minimum Hire of School: 1 day
The Opti Dinghy Fleet

The Opti Dinghy is an off the beach training boat, equipped with 1 mainsail, The Opti is able to sail with up to 2 your children a board (under 12 years of age)

Course Syllabus

Courses can be structured to your requirements including:

  • Basic Rigging
  • Parts of a boat
  • Steering
  • Capsize
  • Sail Trim
  • Basic sailing techniques
  • Rules of the road
  • Water Safety
  • State Law

Individual Bookings

Courses are conducted by Yachting Victoria’s Boatshed and individual group bookings taken. If you wish to enquire, or tentatively book the Mobile Boatshed contact Ian Wall at Yachting Victoria to discuss available dates and venues.

Phone: 03 9597 0066

Mobile: 0427 001 834



Inland lakes provide the most suitable venues as they are less disturbed by strong winds than large bays or the ocean coast, and hence sailing is nearly always possible.

Camping grounds and caravan parks can provide suitable camping for even quite large groups, alternatively many dormitory style school camps are available close to suitable sailing water. Some groups may prefer the luxury of Motel accommodation.

Yachting Victoria can assist with the selection of a suitable venue and can help with accommodation, catering and budgeting advice, if required.


Should the weather be so adverse as to prejudice the effectiveness of one or more days of a course such that sailing or theoretical instruction is not possible, substitute days or other equitable arrangements, will be negotiated.


Weather conditions may vary from cold to hot, so students should therefore bring:

  • Bathers
  • Towel
  • Wetsuit (if available)
  • Shorts (also ideal over wetsuit for protection)
  • Thermal clothing ideal if available
  • Polyester shirts and tops recommended.No Cotton
  • Woollen Jumpers or thermal jumpers/jackets x 2
  • Windproof / Waterproof Jacket
  • Old sneakers / Wetsuit Boots
  • Sun Hat / Woollen Beanie / Sunglasses
  • All hats and sunglasses preferably fitted with sports straps.
  • Sailing Gloves if available (Golf, weight lifting, bike gloves etc. are all good)

PFDaEUR(TM)s are supplied by Yachting Victoria


Should you wish to make use of the School, please contact Ian Wall

The School operates throughout the year and Ian Wall is the Instructor-In-Charge. He or the YV’s office can assist with program development, selection of a venue etc.





Tentative Bookings: May be made up to 12 months in advance and must be accompanied by a booking fee of $100 or an official purchase order.

The Sailing School reserves the right to cancel or reschedule bookings up to 3 months prior to commencement of course.

Confirmation of Bookings:

Bookings must be confirmed not later than 3 months prior to the course commencement date.

Confirmation of bookings must be accompanied by one third of the course fee or an official purchase order, less the tentative booking fee. ($50)

Waiting List:

Cancelled and forfeited bookings will be offered to waiting application.

No fee is required for placement on waiting list, but bookings must be confirmed as above within 7 days of acceptance.


Supervision: For School Groups adult supervisors are required from the School for control and safety (not necessarily yachtsmen) as follows:

12 to 18 Students aEUR” 1 teacher

Over 18 Students aEUR” 2 teachers

Use of Boats:

The Sailing School will, where possible, sail as a separate group from other craft.

Yachting Victoria’s boats will be used only by the GroupaEUR(TM)s students, and only with the Yachting Victoria InstructoraEUR(TM)s permission.

Yachting Victoria’s Rescue Craft will be operated only by the Instructor or his nominee. No YV School boat will go afloat without this craft being either on the water or on standby.