Volunteer Information

Sailability is an international program first introduced to Australia in the 1990’s, which has grown to be available in every state. The program offers an additional level support to assist people of all abilities to get into sailing with a number of sailing clubs around Victoria running Sailability programs.

Volunteers are highly sought after at the Boatshed for our Sailability programs. Since our funding was lost over a year ago we have struggled to find a way to offer a low cost program to our groups that want to get out on the water.

As a volunteer you do not need any sailing experience or need to have worked with people with a disability before. We hope to receive additional funding to be able to put volunteers through a sailing course, power boat handling course and an Instructor course.

If you are interested in volunteering we would love to here from you. Please contact Adam Gristwood on info@theboatshed.net.au or call on 9686 2571.