Sailability is a Program that offers an additional level of support, an established network of volunteers, and equipment to assist people of all abilities in discovering sailing. It is an international program first introduced in to Australia in the 1990’s, which has grown to be available in every state.

Sailing is one of the few sports whereTackers Albert Park pic 23 June anyone can participate.

Here are some of the ways sailing is inclusive:

  • Different types of boat provided by clubs including the Access Class that are easy to sail
  • Instructors that are able to adapt their teaching methods to suit individuals of all abilities
  • Equipment to assist those with limited mobility to get into and out of boats
  • Modified docking areas that are accessible
  • Affordable options to participate
  • Events for people of all abilities to compete
  • The Sailing Pathway for people of all abilities to progress through

At the Boatshed we strive to offer an affordable price for individuals and groups to get on the water. We are constantly looking to expand our volunteer network to help out with groups. However if we are unable to find a volunteer we pay an instructor to run the sailing session. This involves setting up boats, rescue boat driver, dock marshal, pack up and most importantly teaching participants how to sail.

For more information on sailability please visit

Individual sailing

Individual sailing happens on a Saturday morning from 10:00am – 11:30am. This is where people can come and go for a sail without having to be involved with a group.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIndividual sailing runs fortnightly on Saturdays October – April at $30 a session under the watchful eyes of qualified instructors.

For more information or to book an individual sailing session, contact The Boatshed on 9868 2671 or email


Docklands Yacht Club also offer Community Sailing Days are usually held on the second and fourth Sunday of the month, year round. (check their calendar page for exact dates). The cost of the day is $20 per person or $40 per family.

Group Sailing

Group sailing runs every morning with a number of Sailability groups already using the lake and you can see these below. Group sailing is also ran by qualified instructors who are well experienced in teaching people of all abilities.

Cost of Group Sailability

Number of Participants/ Boats 1hr Cost 2hr Cost
Under 6 Boats $140 $255
7-9 Boats $200 $330

To book a group time contact The Boatshed on 9686 2571 or email

Current Groups

Day Group Times
Monday Bridges 11.00-1.00
Tuesday St Pauls 10.30-11.30
Wednesday Available
Thursday Available
Friday Ashwood

Oakleigh Centre

Monash SDS




Saturday Individual Sailing 10.00-11.30