Junior Learn To Sail – Tackers

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The Tackers 1, 2 & 3 programs – are the main accredited introductory kids (7-12 years) sailing course recognised by Australian Sailing. Tackers is a great way to increase childrens life skills such as communication, self reliance, team work, problem solving and self confidence.

Tackers-1Tackers 1 – Fun and Confidence (20 hour program) – An introduction to fun sailing and confidence on water for those just starting out. The kids sail in pairs in small boats. It’s a great way to meet new friends and kids have the chance to sail with others in their group.


Tackers-2Tackers 2 -Tricks and Techniques (20 hour program) – Your sailing journey continues with fun & games while learning heaps of new tricks and techniques. If kids are confident they can sail a boat on their own with lots of support, supervision and encouragement from qualified Instructors and Assistant Instructors. For those Kids that have completed Tackers 1 and are ready for Tackers 2.


Tackers-3Tackers 3 – Sailing Fast (20 hour program) – Tackers 3 is all about how to sail as fast as you can. We will introduce some racing concepts but still keep the competitive element out of Tackers. Learn how to make the boat go faster and play more games, all whilst still under the guidance and supervision of qualified Instructors and Assistant Instructors. For anyone who has completed Tackers 2 and feeling comfortable sailing by themselves.


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