About Us

The Boatshed was established in 2008 by Yachting Victoria as part of a training initiative.

The Boatshed’s main purpose is to increase participation in Off The Beach sailing which will be transferable into club membership throughout Victoria.

Each year The Boatshed and Mobile Boatshed aims to have 4,000-5,000 individuals participating in sailing throughout the sailing season.

Currently approximately 10% of Tackers participants will convert into a club membership in the local area.

The Boatshed is seen as the model Tackers centre within Victoria, with over 600 Tackers participants annually. This includes the Mobile Boatshed which is targeted at regional and rural areas in the Summer and Easter breaks.

Albert Park Lake

The Boatshed is located at the Northern end of Albert Park Lake. In between Albert Park Yacht Club and Albert Sailing Club.

There is ample parking surrounding the lake, this costs $3.30 per day.

More News

The next step after Tackers

The Boatshed works hard each year to link families up with a Yacht Club on the Lake or Bay that we feel offers you the next step after Tackers.


Social Events

Social events have been growing each year with over 15 companies involved last year and over 200 people going through the doors. Click below for more infomation

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